Chamber Players of the Redwoods

2023-24 Season

Our third concert is
Sunday, May 12,2024 2 pm
at Christ Episcopal Church, EUREKA

We will follow pandemic guidance and venue requirements in place at concert-time.
Please check back for further information.


November 5, 2023
    Christ Episcopal Church, EUREKA
    15th and H Sts, EUREKA

Start time is 2 pm [Pacific Standard Time]

Please wear a mask covering nose and mouth, especially if you are not vaccinated.
Capacity is no longer restricted.

 - see Nov program(below) for accessible content

Musician Bios

Lyric Trio
Lyric Trio:: 2 players holding oboe and flute, stand behind 1 seated at piano
Ellen Weiss, Oboe | Terri Strachan, Flute | Felicia Oldfather, Piano

Coastal Kaleidoscope (2012)        Alyssa Morris (1984 - )
    Waves, Seals, Spring Tide

The J Street Trio
J Street Trio, 3 players, holding cello, violin, seated at piano
Cassie Moulton-Rizzo, Cello | Holly MacDonnell, Violin | Jonathan Webster, Piano

Piano Trio No. 44 in E major, Hob. XV/28        Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Trio 301
Trio 301 standing outdoors
Michael Robertson, horn | Avery Alexander, piano | Holly MacDonell, violin

Trio, op 301 (2023), world premiere        Michael Kibbe (1945 -    )
    for Violin, Horn, and Piano (in memory of Val Phillips)


January 28, 2024
    Lutheran Church of ARCATA
    151 East 16th St, ARCATA

Start time is 2 pm

 - see Jan 28 program (below) for accessible content

3 musicians, 2 standing, 1 seated at harpsichord
Michael Kibbe, alto recorder | Gregory Granoff, harpsichord | Elizabeth Morrison, cello
Sonata in A minor, opus 1 nr. 1        Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Ghent (1688-c.1720)
    Giga (Allegro)

Sonata in G minor, opus 1 nr. 2        Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)

Humboldt Harmoniemusik
9 wind players with instruments
L-R back row: Danny Gaon, [Michael Kibbe not pictured], bassoon | Virginia Ryder, Susan Sisk, oboe | Gary Lewis, [Kearney Vander Sal not pictured], flute
L-R front row: Donald Bicknell, Anwyn Halliday, horn | Gwen_Gastineau-Ayoob, Kenneth Ayoob, clarinet

Sept Danses (1971)    Jean Francaix (1912-1997)

MOVEMENT TITLES (Some Played Without Pause):
1. Le jeu de poupee
2. Funerailles de la poupee
3. La presentation des petits amis
4. Variation de Paul
5. Pas de deux entre Sophie et Paul
6. La gouter
7. Danse des filets a papillions


North Coast Brass Ensemble
North Coast Brass Ensemble: 5 players holding brass instruments
Ronite Gluck, horn | Andrew Henderson, trumpet | Fred Tempas, tuba | Dan Aldag, trombone | Chris Cox, trumpet | (not pictured: Kearney Vander Sal, bass trombone | Phil Sams, euphonium)

1. Amid Hills, Beneath Rains (2019)        Isaac Smith (b. 1991)

2. Sparkling Brass (2019)        Daisue Shimizu (b. 1980)


Please check back for more details

May 12, 2024
    Christ Episcopal Church, EUREKA
    15th and H Sts, EUREKA


ZCvH - Zug Consort von Humboldt
cline and phillips, with organ and pipes
Gil Cline, natural trumpet | Merry Phillips, pipe organ

The Trumpetts (1591)         William Byrd (1540 - 1595)
Quam Puchara es (c. 1440)         John Dunstable (1390-1453)
Mohrentanz (1551)         Tylman Susato (1510-1570)
Never Weather-Beaten Sail (1613)         Thomas Campion (1567-1620)
Ricercata l'Amerighi (1638)         Girolamo Fantini (c. 1600-1675)
Tafelblasen Minuet (1695)         Romanus Weichlein (1652-1706)
Sonata "The Light of the World"        Henry Purcell (c. 1659 - 1695)
    I - Moderato
    II - Adagio
    III - Allegro
Probekantate (1723)         Christoph Graupner (1683-1760)

Cornocopia - 5 French horn players holding instruments
standing: Gwenda Eliason, French horn | Dick LaForge, French horn | Michael Robertson, French horn
seated: Anwyn Halliday, French horn | Don Bicknell, French horn

Angel Falls. (2010)        Lewis A. Songer. (1935 -     )

Adagio, from Alto Rhapsody Opus 53 1869         Johannes Brahms, (1833-1897). Arranged by Lowell Shaw

Quintet for Horn and Strings, K.407        W. A. Mozart, (1756-1791). Transcribed by James Emerson

Quippery No. 1, “With a Bounce”        Lowell Shaw. (1930 -     )

Lyric Trio
Lyric Trio: 2 players holding oboe and flute, stand behind 1 seated at piano
Ellen Weiss, Oboe | Terri Strachan, Flute | Felicia Oldfather, Piano

Coping (2019)        Alyssa Morris (1984- )
    1. Counting, Breathing
    2. Prayer
    3. Running

Wind Energy
Five wind players holding their instruments
Aaron Lopez, bassoon | Michael Kibbe, oboe | Anwyn Halliday, horn | Paul Cummings, clarinet | Jill Petricca, flute

La Folia Variations, opus 277        Michael Kibbe (1945- )

Children's Corner        Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
    3. Serenade for the doll
    5. The little shepherd
    6. Golliwog's cake walk

Please check back for further details


“Music you love played by musicians you know” is the motto and mission of the Chamber Players of the Redwoods. We present three free concerts per year representing the best of classical chamber music in all genres and configurations, and provide local musicians a venue for performance.

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Chamber Players of the Redwoods (CPOTR) is the North Coast element of an international community of chamber music players and an outgrowth of the annual Humboldt Chamber Music Workshops which have taken place at Humboldt State University since 1957, involving hundreds of musicians each year from across the nation. Many North Coast musicians take part in the HSU workshops, and form chamber ensembles to enjoy year-round playing of works by Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and other composers of masterworks.

In the Spring of 2007, three local chamber groups joined forces to present a public concert. With the cooperation of Dr. Kenneth Ayoob, then Chair of the Humboldt State University Music Department, a concert was organized by Val Phillips, a horn player, retired dean and Emeritus Director of the Humboldt Chamber Music Workshops, HSU’s Fulkerson Recital Hall and a grand piano were made available.

On May 13, 2007, these groups of chamber musicians presented
Friends of Mozart: Quintet for Piano and Winds, K 452, W.A. Mozart
  Felicia Oldfather, piano; Ellen Weiss, oboe; Gwen Gasteneau-Ayoob, clarinet; Valgene Phillips, horn; Justin Sousa, Bassoon
Meadowood String Quartet: Quartet in G, F.J Haydn; Tango, Carlos Gardel
  Betty Bliss, Marilyn Page, violins, Stefan Vaughn, viola, Eric Jones, 'cello
Springville Horn Quartet: Concertino, Alexander Mitushin; Two Pieces, Nikolai Tcherepnin; Audiation Set, Val Phillips; Two Fripperies, Lowell Shaw
  Horns: Michael Thompson, Robert Peoples, Christina Foreman, Valgene Phillips

The 2007 concert was viewed as a “pilot project” to see how to design a new venture on the North Coast art music scene. Val Phillips continued to organize concerts while work went on. There were questions: Would players form groups?? They did, and do, new ones each season. Would listeners attend live chamber performances? They do. How would we get the word out? We developed a system—posters, email broadsides, press releases, public service announcements. Which halls can we play in? We searched and found wonderful venues in beautiful, acoustically warm halls in Humboldt County. Should we form a non-profit? Yes. Chamber Players Of The Redwoods became a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation in 2010, great thanks to Renee Taylor, our accountant. Would we have a working Board of Directors. Yes, all 8 form a fine team. All have tasks. Our concerts are free, donations welcome. Would that approach pay the bills? We rely on listener contributions at the concerts. And yes, it does pay the bills.

Our mission—serve musicians with performance opportunities, serve North Coast listeners with live art music by composers of masterworks – is serving our community.


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Chamber Players of the Redwoods is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit corporation and we appreciate your support.
For Tax Purposes: Federal ID# 352396623